Your Body Corrods from the inside?

An Acid Body Corrodes From the Inside

Excess acidity is a condition that weakens all body systems.  Excess acidity forces the body to borrow minerals including calcium, sodium potassium and magnesium from vital organs and bones to buffer (neutralize) the acid and safely remove it from the body.  As a result, the body can suffer severe and prolonged “corrosion” due to high acidity, a condition that may go undetected for years.

It affects virtually every person in our society because of the way we live, the way we eat, and the environment we live in.

The result is an internal environment where disease can easily manifest, as opposed to a ph balanced environment, which allows normal body function necessary for the Body to resist disease.

It is true that if we have a healthy body we will maintain sufficient alkaline reserves to meet emergency demand.

However when excess acids must be continually neutralized, our alkaline reserves are depleted leaving the body in a weakened, diseased-prone condition.

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About thelifestylechanger

Glenda De Luca has spent over 25 years in the Beauty Industry, and has transitioned from the temporary beauty fix to permanent health and well-being, helping others transform their outer beauty based on nutrition and movement. She has also spent two years doing extensive research on the effects of pH levels in the body, and its profound impact on your health and well being. THE LIFESTYLE CHANGER Orange County, CA, USA 949.215.5701 Office 408.398.8043 Cell E-mail: Glenda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Para Psychic Sciences as well as a Level 2 Reiki Certification and is currently studying for her Masters in Holistic Nutrition. She lives a healthy lifestyle where she incorporates what she loves to eat based on a pH balanced diet, food combining, and customized supplementation based on her own personal DNA. She also incorporates movement into her Lifestyle to achieve the perfect weight and health. She is passionate about helping others achieve their Health and Wellness "Desired Results" in a manner that is fun, easy and sustainable.
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