Is Your Skin Aging Faster Then You?

Keep it clean. Acne breakouts can be caused by clogged pores, so make sure you wash your face before you go to bed, And don’t pick at pimples — picking and squeezing can lead to scars. You don’t have to look like a teenager!  But if you are a teenager or know a teenager that needs help in this area, GeneWize Life Sciences makes a product called YGLT (Your Gonna Love This) that is designed just for teenagers, go to There is also Skin Repair Serum that addresses Adult Acne, as well as 5 other areas that affect Skin Health and is Customized just for you based on YOUR DNA!
Moisturize regularly. Dry patches tend to look more wrinkled. While moisturizer alone won’t get rid of wrinkles (or else we’d all use petroleum jelly and be wrinkle free), moisturizing dry, flaky skin can reduce the appearance of fine lines — especially where the skin is thin, such as around the eyes. GeneWize Life Sciences looks at the Gene for Wrinkling and Sagging as well when they make your Customized Formula.
Stop the spots. So-called liver spots have nothing to do with your liver — they’re usually caused by exposure to the sun. Wear sunscreen on exposed areas, such as your face, hands, and chest, to keep them from appearing.
Baby your sensitive skin. Irritating your skin with products that are too strong (or using too many of them) can actually age it faster. Use products that are Customized just for you based on your DNA that look at the Gene for Inflammation.
Be vigilant. You tend to stay out of the sun?  but don’t forget that you are still exposed while driving a car or sitting at a desk near a window and you do need that Vitamin D from the sun.  For routine protection, consider using a daily moisturizer with built-in sunscreen.
Wear a hat. You say you never wear a hat — but that’s not the way to keep your skin looking young! The more you squint (as you do in the sun when your eyes are uncovered), the more prone you’ll be to wrinkling.
Take a bow. Your skin thanks you for never having smoked. In addition to its other health risks, smoking, and even exposure to secondhand smoke, is damaging to your skin. So kudos to you if you have never smoked!
Start using an anti-aging cream. Your fine lines mostly go away when your face is at rest, and that’s great — it’s when those lines don’t go away when you relax that you start to show real signs of aging. To prevent that, this would be a good time to start a anti-aging product with Food Based ingredients which can help you keep your skin smooth.  Have your own Custom Made Skin Repair Serum made Exclusively for YOU based on YOUR DNA!

About thelifestylechanger

Glenda De Luca has spent over 25 years in the Beauty Industry, and has transitioned from the temporary beauty fix to permanent health and well-being, helping others transform their outer beauty based on nutrition and movement. She has also spent two years doing extensive research on the effects of pH levels in the body, and its profound impact on your health and well being. THE LIFESTYLE CHANGER Orange County, CA, USA 949.215.5701 Office 408.398.8043 Cell E-mail: Glenda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Para Psychic Sciences as well as a Level 2 Reiki Certification and is currently studying for her Masters in Holistic Nutrition. She lives a healthy lifestyle where she incorporates what she loves to eat based on a pH balanced diet, food combining, and customized supplementation based on her own personal DNA. She also incorporates movement into her Lifestyle to achieve the perfect weight and health. She is passionate about helping others achieve their Health and Wellness "Desired Results" in a manner that is fun, easy and sustainable.
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