Quinoa: Super Survival Food!

If you have emergency rations stashed away, there is one item you should include that is easy to prepare and particularly healthful. It’s the ancient Inca “super food of the gods,” the seed (not a grain) known as quinoa.

Long Lived Seed

Quinoa has been around for more than 5,000 years and is still going strong. Most quinoa is organically grown in the Southern Hemisphere (Bolivia) with the use of traditional farming methods on high-altitude farms without chemicals. It hasn’t been tinkered with to date by genetic engineering (GM), and Southern Hemisphere farmers are fighting hard to maintain their ancient cultivation practices.

Not only is quinoa a complete vegetable protein source, containing all the essential amino acids, it includes a wealth of many of the nutrients the human body needs for optimal health.

A 1-cup serving of uncooked quinoa contains 24 grams of protein, close to 48 percent of the recommended daily value (DV), which means quinoa does not need to be combined with other foods to make a complete protein equivalent to meat, fish, eggs or dairy. It is only 16 percent fat.  However, the omega 6 fatty acid content is low and not in the proper ratio to omega 3 fatty acids. So you should also consume foods like fish that are rich in omega-3s.

Quinoa contains virtually no sugars and boasts 36 percent of the DV for carbohydrates (mostly as starch) and a whopping 48 percent DV for dietary fiber. Plus, it tastes deliciously nutty. Even though it is lacking in vitamins C and D, it is a vegetarian powerhouse of other vitamins and minerals. It’s gluten-free. And, best of all, it cooks in 15 minutes.

Nutrient Hero

However, here’s what may be the most important aspect of quinoa: In the event of a disaster with no gas or electricity available for cooking, quinoa can be soaked in water until mushy enough to eat and still provide a belly full of nutritious food.

Furthermore, quinoa can be sprouted for eating as a fresh vegetable; so stock a survival kit with a seed-growing jar and enough water to subsist on. Helpfully, quinoa doesn’t require much storage space and will last for several years in hermetically sealed pouches.

Quinoa can be prepared in a pot with a lid over a camping stove or even over an open-air fire pit since it doesn’t take long to cook. Just remember to have a supply of old-fashioned wooden matches — some independent hardware stores still sell them — to use for fire. While you are at it, get field savvy about edible wild plants that you can chop up and place in the cook pot to make survival stew. Remember, it’s survival food, not a gourmet restaurant meal. However, it will keep you alive and thriving nutritiously.

One caution when preparing quinoa for any purpose: It needs to be rinsed thoroughly to remove the saponin coating on each seed. If not rinsed off, the saponin may convey a bitter taste that overwhelms its delicious, almost sweet, nut-like taste.

The Next Level

To take survival food to a higher level, combine quinoa with survival rations of canned beans (like chickpeas or kidney beans), walnuts, and fresh sprouts grown from alfalfa, arugula, broccoli, clover, radish or other non-GM heirloom sprouting seeds.

If you haven’t yet made food preparations for an emergency, I think you better get started. It’s better to be prepared and not have to use your rations than to need them and have to go hungry.


About thelifestylechanger

Glenda De Luca has spent over 25 years in the Beauty Industry, and has transitioned from the temporary beauty fix to permanent health and well-being, helping others transform their outer beauty based on nutrition and movement. She has also spent two years doing extensive research on the effects of pH levels in the body, and its profound impact on your health and well being. THE LIFESTYLE CHANGER Orange County, CA, USA 949.215.5701 Office 408.398.8043 Cell E-mail: thelifestylechanger@live.com Glenda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Para Psychic Sciences as well as a Level 2 Reiki Certification and is currently studying for her Masters in Holistic Nutrition. She lives a healthy lifestyle where she incorporates what she loves to eat based on a pH balanced diet, food combining, and customized supplementation based on her own personal DNA. She also incorporates movement into her Lifestyle to achieve the perfect weight and health. She is passionate about helping others achieve their Health and Wellness "Desired Results" in a manner that is fun, easy and sustainable.
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